As a newly born artist, I strive to bring light, joy and peace into the human heart.

Artist Biography


Katia Streiff, born in France, spent her childhood in Versailles where she was surrounded by the magnificence of the Palace and its gardens. She holds a bachelor degree in International Private Law. She moved to New York City in 1990 with her husband, and they later established themselves in Old Greenwich in 1992 to raise their four children. She enjoys the energetic artistic influence of New York while at the same time nurturing her love for the outdoors. Her training as a Reiki Master in 2009 allowed her spiritual practice to flow into her life through artistic creativity. Self-taught in the first steps of her creative expression, she has been studying with Carol Dixon, taking a Collage/Mixed Media Course at the Greenwich Art Society since 2015.


Katia’s hope is that her art will touch the heart of the viewer, helping them to reach a deeper level of consciousness thus discovering Joy, an inner state deeply rooted in the knowing of who one truly is. Her mixed media collages combine the use of watercolor, acrylic, drawing, photographs and lettering. Bright colors and shapes, use of whimsical forms as well as straight lines tell a story or express a feeling that comes alive as illustrations of her inspired visions. She composes a channeled message for each artwork.


Katia’s artworks have appeared at Images Gallery (2015) and in the show “Visual Insight” (November 2017) at the GAS’s gallery. Her collages have been displayed at the Sidewalk Art Show in Old Greenwich since 2015, and she has participated in the Garden Marketplace for the Historical Society of Westport (2017). Her art has appeared at juried shows: “Passion” (June 2016), presented at the Bendheim Gallery for the Greenwich Art Council, juried by Pamela Riley-Abear and “Le Rêve” (March 2018), presented at the Greenwich Art Society’s 101st annual member exhibit, juried by Randall R.Griffey. Some of her artworks have received awards. “The Journey Begins” was awarded second place at the Flinn Gallery, juried by Joseph Fema for ASOG (July of 2016). “Energy Matters” won first place and “Perspective” won second place (May of 2018) at the Art Society of Old Greenwich for their Byram Schubert Library show, juried by Kathie Milligan. Her artwork “Meditate” was featured in the Greenwich Magazine in 2017 for the CT branch of NLAPW.


Her artworks have sold through galleries, local shows and privately. She is a member of the Art Society of Old Greenwich, the Greenwich Art Society, and of the CT Branch of The National League of American Pen Women. Her website can be found at

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