As a newly born artist, I strive to bring light, joy and peace into the human heart.

Growing up, I always tried to decipher the life lessons underlying every challenging situation, asking why and how things happen the way they do. Eventually, I realized that my quest was actually a search for the existence of a more authentic self, and became a Reiki Master, a practice that evolved into Channeling Grace. Healing through the power of kindness and compassion, I use guided messages to ease the suffering of those around me, helping them recognize that the same light within me reflected the light within them.


Two years ago my Reiki teacher received the message that I was to draw. Trusting this calling was especially difficult for me because I have absolutely no training in art, but I said yes to life and began the creative process. I use all kind of mediums. Markers, pencils, watercolor, acrylic and collage, canvas and paper, are all doorways to my artistic expression, making me a mixed media artist. I find themes through daily meditation, walks in nature, interactions with friends, family and strangers, and reading novels and spiritual works. Colors, shapes, and words come to me as I surrender to the inspiration. I like the whimsical feeling of my art works; the use of straight lines, curves, and bright colors always illustrate the story that comes to life in each art piece. I am now attending a collage class and I have gained confidence in my style and my ability to express myself, letting my inner vision translate into outer reality without judgment and criticism. The naïve feel of my work is a personal touch that I wish to preserve. I leave admirers the freedom of discovering the meaning in each artwork from their own state of consciousness.


I experience joy when being in the present moment, which allows the creativity to flow into my life. I believe in art’s ability to connect with the viewer while transmitting feelings and emotions beyond words. Creativity brings one back home, beyond the mind, to the inner being. My deepest wish is to bring awareness to the inner self because I trust that there is something more to each of us beyond possessions, education, titles, status, life story and such. Being seen for whom one truly is seems to be a deep longing that dwells in each human, and my artwork is a way to share with the world that each one of us is indeed enough and magnificent.

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